For How Long Have You Been Taking the Same Meds?

The other day, I gave myself a virtual kick in the butt. A fierce one. I had a conversation with a client that made me want to slap myself in the face, even.

He used to come in with occasional aches and pains, nothing out of the norm. But the shoulder pain got more persistent, and I would have loved to see him for a targeted treatment plan of about six consecutive sessions.

Instead we’d work together just occasionally, as his traveling schedule allowed, and I expected him to be happy with the results he got.

But the other day he told me that NOW he’s doing great… because he got off the Statin.

Statin? I hadn’t even been aware he was taking it! I checked his intake form. That was from seven years ago and I had not thought to update it. No mention of medication. Now, he’s a physician himself, and that led me to being a bit more careless–but I should have asked.

Of course, I don’t tell clients what medication to take, and yes, some people should lower their cholesterol. And some should even take the Statin.

But what I want ALL OF YOU to do RIGHT NOW is check the medications you’re taking regularly, even the supplements, make a list, and look them up for side effects. If that’s too much work, SEND ME THE LIST and I’ll look them up for you.

And even more important: make an appointment with your physician, and get your meds updated.

Maybe you’re on a prescription that made sense two years ago. It might not make sense today–you’ve been living a much healthier lifestyle, haven’t you?

If you don’t know who to talk to, I have GREAT relationships with physicians and am more than happy to refer you to somebody who can take a critical look at your medication and discuss options.

Side effects can be serious, and in some cases medications counteract each other, or they are harmful when taken in combination.


My client didn’t feel better due to the work I did… he felt better because he’s off the Statin.

A lot of drugs can cause pain–check yours now.

But DO NOT change the way you take them without consulting a physician–I’m happy to refer you to one of the excellent doctors in my network.

Thank you.