Coaching for Health, Mobility, and Success

Have you started exercising, making healthier food choices, but you’re not sure if you’re on the right track?
The possibilities are overwhelming, and there are too many contradictions. Some of your friends rave about a vegan diet, others are going paleo–is there a clear answer?
Is it better to do yoga or lift weights? Or maybe train for a marathon?
You’re looking for guidance from an experienced professional whose interest it to help you get better on your own, not to make you dependent from ongoing treatments.
That is Lu’s specialty. She’s is not a certified health coach, but a skeptical practitioner of naturopathic modalities, licensed as a physician in Germany. Lu has twenty years worth of experience with various treatment styles in the complementary alternative medicine spectrum, and she can give clear information on which have merit, which could be tried out, and which ones should better be forgotten about.

Coaching from Lu includes an assessment of your personal health and fitness goals, honest advice of how to get started, what to expect, and, most importantly, who else can help. Referrals are Lu’s way of ensuring the best outcome for you–and that can mean that she loses you as her client.
Lu has excellent relationships to practitioners of various treatment styles, exercise and nutrition experts, and medical doctors.
You can schedule coaching sessions wherever you live, Lu is happy to talk on the phone or via videocalls.
Of course Lu is also available for personal sessions at her clinic Balance Orlando or for home visits (different fees apply).
Contact her for a free consultation here!

If you’re looking for help to get your life in order and develop healthy habits, or if you want to improve your own health-related business, you might want to consider regular coaching with Lu.

In that case, she can offer you a plan for monthly coaching sessions on the phone, additional support by text and email, weekly check-ins and plenty of solid advice that works for your schedule and the lifestyle that fits your personality.

LMT Training & Mentoring

If you’re a massage therapist or other manual therapy practitioner looking for a better future, schedule a free consultation with Lu! (same link to contact form)

She’s happy to meet for coffee and share her experience from Germany and various states of the US, she can give clear information on potential problems, and recommend schools.

Lu also teaches workshops for highly effective bodywork with myofascial mobilizations–sign up for the Balance Education newsletter here.

Treatment Sessions

You can see Lu at her office at Balance Orlando on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays–just use this link to the online scheduling tool. Choose Lu as the therapist, and if you haven’t seen her before, it’s best to start with a “First Visit”.

It might take several weeks until there is a regular opening in the schedule, so if you think you might want to continue working with her, it’s best to also schedule six one-hour sessions following the First Visit on a weekly basis. During the consultation, and after the short trial treatment, Lu will be able to make a treatment plan, and the sessions you already scheduled can be changed or cancelled.

Lu does some home visits on other days, but mostly is busy preparing classes, working on business management, administration, and coaching, and volunteers as the president of the Metropolitan Business Organization of Orlando, our LGBT chamber of commerce.

Occasionally Lu travels for work–either teaching or visiting clients who fly her in to treat the whole family over several days.
Trips like that need to be scheduled far in advance, of course, and are only available to carefully vetted clients.